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A home is more than a beautiful space with walls and windows. It’s your safe haven, a place to escape the pressures of life and unwind in another world. Contemplate, celebrate, impress, decompress. As humans, we harvest energy from our surrounds, feeding our souls with sensory fodder that fuels our inner fire. So when your moment arrives to design what defines you, make it count.


At CamBuild, we design, build, and renovate luxurious custom homes that create natural energy. By embracing the sun, wind, water and earth, our homes stimulate the soul and restore life’s natural flow. And it all starts by forecasting the future. Each residence we craft comes with a 20-year vision where we delve beyond the obvious, studying your life and desires deeply to imagine realities that are yet to even exist.


It’s visualisation, reimagined. Our team of in-house architects and designers are passionate about uncovering intriguing insights that help us piece together a holistic view of ‘your world’. We’ll then take you inside your individually tailored architectural masterpiece using 3D design and visualising software, before assisting you to select the perfect colours, materials and features.


At the end of the journey, you’ll own a home that moves through the decades with you, defying the evolving trends of the world around you. The safe haven you chose to create will be as beautiful, functional and head turning as the day you moved in.

We invite you on this journey of discovery. 

 All will be revealed

Ever noticed as we move through life we can become seduced by the short term? Relationships, professions, finances – we skim the surface in exchange for certainty. But in doing so, we are forcing life’s hand. It’s a predictable existence that doesn’t allow the magic of life to unfold. At CamBuild, we believe building is a rare moment in life when you afford yourself the freedom to take risks, to open your heart and let your mind wander.

Owner Cam will surprise you, challenge you, inspire you, and ultimately, please you. Through left field thinking and expert guidance, we’ll help you piece together the big picture of your future lifestyle in the knowledge that every decision you make now will matter even more down the track. This is more than a moment in time – it’s the chance to be the best version of yourself, creating a wonderful life. Are you ready to reveal it?

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How can we help you?



CamBuild’s design team develops solutions that exceed expectations. Capable of producing building and renovation designs incorporating the most cutting edge technology, we aim to produce the most extraordinary architectural designs that enrich not just the occupants, but also the landscape around it.



Discovering the right partner for your project is so important. It’s about more than building homes – it’s about building belief. At CamBuild, our building division knows near enough is never good enough (it’s not even close). With our innovative 20/20 Vision process setting the scene for a design that is uniquely tailored to the way you want to life, well into the future, our job is to bring it to life.



As we move and grow through life, the homes we live in pass their use-by date, creating a gap between what a space was designed for and how we exist in it. Reimagining your surroundings reshapes the way you experience your day to day. At CamBuild, our renovation division is purpose set up to help you transform your life through luxurious custom renovations and extensions.



At CamBuild, we’re always thinking beyond the obvious to question convention and rework what doesn’t work. And when it comes to on-going maintenance, it’s clear that homeowners are settling for sub-optimal outcomes that can only be described as ad hoc (at best).  So we asked ourselves – is there a better way?


Prestige is not an address ...It's a state of mind



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