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Multigenerational Homes Are The Next Big Thing

Posted On May 27, 2015

Welcome to the sandwich generation—where baby boomers are being sandwiched between both their parents and adult children at home.

The demand for multi-generational home designs is sky-rocketing and being spurred by a combination of financial pressures, elderly parents needing to move in, young families saving for a home deposit and children leaving home later in life. With more and more Australians now having to accommodate three generations under the one roof, never before has the need for intelligent, multi-generational home design been so strong.


Flexible Design

Flexibility, adaptability and versatility certainly seem to the watchwords that are shaping today’s designs, as multi-generational living becomes a reality for more and more of us. An extra bathroom, room for a kitchenette, ample storage and a private courtyard are also common features. The home must also be able to adapt over time as the family unit evolves.

It’s easy to take out walls to create bigger spaces if the original design allows that to work.   Some clients need separate rooms in the short term, but know they will eventually need to make changes. A wall doesn’t have to be structural and a lot more people are starting to think that way. You can nominate for that wall not to be load-bearing because that wall will potentially get knocked out.

A good tip is to consider how some of the rooms in your home can “double up”, or become “multipurpose”. A spare bedroom could be used as a theatre room, or as a games or activity room for the kids.

Design features such as wider than average doorways, open-plan spaces, higher than standard power sockets, hob-free showers and flush thresholds can be added at little or no extra cost when designing a home, effectively ‘future-proofing’ the home.



When designing a multi-generational home, it’s important to ensure the main living area is still accessible from the individually zoned areas, such as bedrooms and activity areas.

Although multi-generational living caters for a wide variety of living situations, and ensures everyone has their own private quarters, you still want to keep focus on the central hub of the home, such as the kitchen and main living area.  It’s about keeping a balance between spaces to unwind in and a central space where everyone can come together.

Another way to ensure that your home design fosters family interaction is to link the central hub to the alfresco, creating a seamless flow from indoor to out.

With different people and personalities living under the same roof, it’s important to try to maximise your outdoor living and entertainment environment. With our warm climate in Western Australian, integrated indoor and outdoor living makes sense.



When it comes to multi-generational living, organisation is the key to maximising living space and storage. Home storage is essential when designing a home and it’s often one element many people forget.

Mud rooms, drop zones and e-zones provide the perfect storage option without compromising space in your home.

With homes accommodating bigger family units parking also needs to be considered. If you’re not using the extra garage space now, it can become a gym, playroom, hobby room or workshop in the meantime.



A good multi-gen design is one that gives everyone the ability to live in harmony within the home and not be treading on each others toes on a day-to-day basis, so ensuring everyone has their own personal space is the top priority.

It’s important to design living areas that are independent of each other and have external outlooks that are private. A definite feature would be to have separate points of entry – this cues towards independent living. A kitchenette and another bathroom is also a major requirement.


Forward thinking has become the key as families embrace designs with flexible spaces and thoughtful zoning.

We hope this has given you some ideas about how to move forward with your dream home. If you have any questions please send them to or complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

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