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Luxury Home Building for Two Decades

Posted On April 17, 2017

2017 marks the 20-year anniversary for Cambuild and looking back, the years have really flown by with a string of creative, innovative projects that the whole team are very proud of. Since 1997, we have been on a mission to design and build luxury homes for our clients and seeing this dream come into fruition over the past 20 years has been immensely satisfying and humbling.

The celebration of this milestone has coincided with our move to our new design studio in Claremont. Being in the area where a lot of our clients live, or are planning to live, means that we are part of the residential footprint here and are close to the action – a part of the community in a more connected way.

Our space on Davies Road was designed with a purpose of creativity and collaboration. We didn’t want a standard office or an area filled with meeting rooms and closed offices, we were looking for an interior design that could help start conversations and spark a bit of excitement and vision. This is where we meet with our clients and begin to visualise their new home or renovation, so the studio definitely needed to help that process. The vertical garden and the big screen TV are my two favourite features.

Our process is also a lot more than design and build, we start from the very beginning and work with our clients to ‘lay the foundation’ so to speak. We talk about their lifestyle, their family’s future, their financial goals, even their daily schedule and movements around their current home. All of these things combine together to give us a really clear understanding about each person’s needs for their new home or renovation. When looking back on the last 20 years, I think this is the part of the process that I always enjoy the most and also the thing that sets us apart from others. When I have had the chance to be involved from the very beginning – helping to choose the block or location – I feel that the end result becomes one that is particularly note-worthy. It is the holistic approach that a home really needs.

Starting Cambuild with my wife, Kelli, two-decades ago and now reaching this 20-year milestone with a team of people who all share our passion, is one of the biggest achievements of my life to date. I am continuously motivated by our clients and our team; and this passion is what drives our whole business as well as me personally. For me, it is not just about building luxury homes, it is about ensuring all the little details of perfection are taken care of throughout the project. Building the lasting relationships that we have with our clients is very humbling and will continue to drive me for another 20 years.

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