20/20 VISION


A unique approach


At CamBuild, we pioneered a new process bringing our destination-based designing to life. Called 20/20 Vision, it’s your chance to map out the next 20 years, gaining clarity from what life is going to bring, then use these insights to inform the decisions you make now. Our long-term view to problem solving means we take the time to get it right, not rushing with easy or preconceived solutions. Guiding you step by step through our proven process is an integral step leading to more purposeful designs, more meaningful spaces, and a life made for moments. 

As your design and build partner, we devote an amazing amount of time, effort and energy into understanding the bigger picture, upfront. What is your home’s purpose? What do you need from it? The answers to these questions have an enormous effect on how the home works for you 20 years down the track.

It’s a unique approach, one that ensures your home is built for you, for life.


How it works

Cam and our dedicated team of architects take the time to get to know you and your unique needs. Our process requires you to become hyper conscious of your priorities, both now and in their future. We call it ‘chasing reality’, a roadmap to understanding your home’s grander purpose. It’s a ‘top down’ process that seeks to push your emotional hot buttons in order to help you unearth insights that shape how your home looks and works for you.

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Cam on Experience

I believe experience leads to future proofing. By thinking things through, we can work hard to find out what's what and guide people towards their happy place.


Cam on Trust

When you trust the process, and let it happen, you’ll be amazed in what can be achieved. Building belief ensures everyone involved in the project is engaged deeply and in synch with each other as we journey towards our common goal.


Cam on Value

I believe there is a difference between value and economy. If you can see the worth in a finished product designed to serve your unique needs, built right the first time round with minimal wastage and headaches along the journey, you’ll know the reward is well worth it.