Let life align


CamBuild is a prestigious designer and builder of luxurious one-of-a-kind custom homes, from coastal retreats to clever narrow lot urban residences and two-storey masterpieces. We blend detailed in-house architectural concepts with professional building expertise, culminating in a seamless journey from start to finish.

Since our inception in 1997, our authentic work environment, big picture thinking and exceptional attention to detail have gained us a reputation as one of Perth’s finest home builders. Director Cam Wilkie’s ethos for intimate building experiences flows through the entire CamBuild journey, inspiring a handpicked team of craftsmen who work tirelessly towards achieving your unique vision by fusing the highest quality materials, workmanship and customer care.


Beautiful Synchronicity


CamDesign is all about impact. Through innovation and collaboration, our architectural designs incorporate cutting edge technology to enrich not only the occupants, but the landscape around them.

Each project takes a collaborative approach between Director, Cam Wilkie, and our tight knit team of architects and interior designers. We explore a wide range of concepts and ideas, relentless in our pursuit of possibility.

For us, the power of design is about shifting experience, harmonising all the elements in life to strike a beautiful balance. CamDesign mirrors the natural environment with a sensitive and extraordinary built form designed around the natural elements. As humans, we harvest energy from our surrounds, feeding our souls with sensory fodder that fuels our inner fire. By embracing the sun, wind, water and earth, our homes stimulate the self and restore life’s natural flow.

Our philosophy

When you trust in the process, great things happen. Our version of design is stripped back, understated style with carefully curated colour tones. Anything you see or feel is there to serve a purpose. We seek complementary, earthy textures that speak to the environment and embrace the landscape to create calming spaces. You’ll feel it the moment you walk into a CamBuild home, overcome by a sense of calm where our understated design elements coexist in complete harmony.

What great design isn’t: 

  • Design elements that ‘yell’ at you

  • ·Sensory overload (it causes you to think too much)

  • Cold and uncomfortable (the catalogue effect)

  • Era defining


Designing for the destination


When making daily decisions, it’s human nature to focus on the immediate result, which is known as a “first order consequence”. For instance, you may be running late for a meeting, so you decide to ‘speed up’ in order to make the meeting on time. Of course, that would be ignoring a plethora of second and third order consequences (e.g. you could crash or be stopped by the police, which would ironically make you even later).

This same theory can be applied to building homes. The decisions we make now will influence how your home looks, feels and works later. It’s important to think through the first, second, and third order consequences of your important decisions before you make the first decision. And that involves designing around your destination, not the here and now.