Designing with a destination in mind


CamBuild’s design team develops solutions that exceed expectations. Capable of producing building and renovation designs incorporating the most cutting edge technology, we aim to produce the most extraordinary architectural designs that enrich not just the occupants, but also the landscape around it.

Each project takes a collaborative approach between Managing Director, Cam Wilkie, and our tight knit team of architects and interior designers. We explore a wide range of concepts and ideas, relentless in our pursuit of possibility. For us, the power of design is about shifting your experience, harmonising all the elements in life to strike a beautiful balance. CamDesign mirrors the natural environment with a sensitive and extraordinary built form designed around the sun, wind, water and earth to create a natural energy.

Our version of design is stripped back, understated style with carefully curated colour tones. Anything you see or feel is there to serve a purpose. We seek complementary, earthy textures that speak to the environment and embrace the landscape to create calming spaces. You’ll feel it the moment you walk into a CamBuild home, overcome by a sense of calm where our understated design elements coexist in complete harmony.

To achieve this, we invented a process called 20/20 Vision that brings our destination-based designing to life. We have a long-term view to problem solving, taking the time to get it right and not rushing with easy or preconceived solutions. Instead, we think beyond the obvious to take into account likely future consequences. What is your home’s purpose? What do you need from it? The answers to these questions have an enormous effect on how the home works for you 20 years down the track. We then go about managing the entire process, creating the path of least resistance towards your future reality.