Exceptional transformations


As we move and grow through life, the homes we live in pass their use-by date, creating a gap between what a space was designed for and how we exist in it. Reimagining your surroundings reshapes the way you experience your day to day.

At CamBuild, our renovation division is purpose set up to help you transform your life through luxurious custom renovations and extensions. Through our 20/20 Vision process, we’ll dig deep into your motivations to unearth the grander purpose. From adapting to a growing family and changes in lifestyle to simply adding value through an extra room, we’ll create a stunning and functional space that’s in sync with your existing home.

We’ve secured a hard-earned reputation for exceptional transformations for a reason. Blending quality craftsmanship and exceptional service, CamBuild will be there with you every step of the way to bring your dream to life. Whether it’s a magnificent period home or a sleek new contemporary build, we pride ourselves on our team’s ability to think outside the box to imagine and build a home renovation designed and constructed with you, your family and lifestyle squarely in mind.