Specialist care for your most valuable asset.


At CamBuild, we’re always thinking beyond the obvious to question convention and rework what doesn’t work. And when it comes to on-going maintenance, it’s clear that homeowners are settling for sub-optimal outcomes that can only be described as ad hoc (at best). 

So we asked ourselves – is there a better way?

Introducing CamCare, an exciting ‘preventative maintenance’ service unique to the Perth market set to change the way your home is handled beyond handover. The idea is surprisingly simple - resolve any issues, prevent future problems. CamCare assigns your beautiful home a single maintenance specialist whose sole purpose is to keep it in pristine condition and functioning in line with its grander purpose.

We’ll take care of everything for you, from time-consuming tasks such as landscaping, painting and pool maintenance, right down to delicate details like hanging pictures with consideration and care. Just think of us as your very own personal Cambuild Concierge. 

The old way wasn’t working

Normally after a home is built, any maintenance issues (that fall outside structural contractual periods, usually 12-months) are left to the homeowner to organise, or are addressed by the goodwill of the builder.

Seems logical. However, your home is no ordinary asset – it is undoubtedly one of life’s most significant financial and emotional investments, designed around a unique high-level purpose revealed in our 20/20 Vision process. So, whose hands are you leaving it in? A local handyman? A trade you Googled? Or your occasionally sighted alter ego, the infamous Weekend Warrior?

Leave it in CamCare’s hands.

We dare to care

CamCare is truly a game changer, designed to guarantee the same care, passion, attention to detail and long-term consideration that was poured into building your luxury residence will continue across its lifetime, from the day you first walk through the door to the day you decide to part ways.

It’s a farsighted investment designed to reward you both financially and emotionally – and that’s what we really care about.

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