Custom Home Builders Perth


Custom home building isn’t as simple as taking a standard two-storey home plan and modifying it to immediate needs. It’s a journey of self-discovery. And it all starts by opening your mind.

At CamBuild, we exist to help you make the best decision. We’re all about thinking forward, imagining how your lifestyle will change over five, ten, twenty years so we can understand your home’s true purpose. To gain the right insights, we sit down with you and ask the right questions. But most importantly, we listen. Really listen.

It’s this calm, measured approach that ensures we’re completely in sync, on the same page and know exactly where you’re heading from the get-go. When we get it right, first time, we help you design the custom home that allows you to be the best version of yourself. That’s a powerful privilege.

As we embark on the CamBuild custom home journey together, our mission is to remove unnecessary distractions. We only ever take on a limited number of custom home projects per year to ensure your project will have our undivided attention. The result is bespoke single and two storey home designs brought to life with meticulous workmanship and materials.

At the end of the day, we know a stripped back process offers clarity and possibility. Where that leads you? Well, that’s the exciting part.

Ready to be inspired? Browse some of our custom project, or find out what our clients say about our architect-inspired approach and how we go about designing your dream luxury home. Then get in touch with our Perth Design Studio to see what’s possible.