Luxury Home Builders Perth


Building a luxury new home is a rewarding experience when you partner with CamBuild. We’re here to sync with your vision and take you on an eye-opening journey.

Our architects and designers create spaces that mirror people and place, using built form to enhance the natural environment with beautifully functional design. A CamBuild home feels like being at one with nature, free of thought. We’re attuned to the power of design simplicity, complementary textures and restrained, earthy colour palettes to create calming spaces of harmony and balance.

We also know building a luxury new home is one of life’s most significant financial and emotional investments. As both designer and builder, we offer complete clarity by helping you ‘see’ your vision from the outset. We lay every detail out before you, from detailed architectural concepts to complete, highly accurate quotations. We can even virtually walk you through your new home using 3D design and visualising software that takes the design out of your imagination and into real life.

When you’re ready to build, we take pride in our ability to create the path of least resistance by managing the entire process for you. With 100% clarity surrounding design and expectations, our clients feel confident enough to give us the green light to 'just go for it' – a privilege that’s rare in our industry. We take a can-do, positive approach and an unwavering belief that near enough is never good enough, fusing thoughtful design, quality materials and meticulous workmanship to ensure our designs will be as relevant in 10 to 15 years as they are today.

Ready to see why we’re the luxury home builders Perth trusts? Browse our portfolio of designs, or contact us to find out more.