Cam Wilkie
The Ideas Man


I was brought up on building sites, with my passion for construction evident from a young age. It led me to pursue my passion, first as a qualified carpenter then a registered builder before I founded CamBuild in 1997. Today, I draw on over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience to personally oversee every stage of the design and construction process of our prestigious projects – a rare luxury in today’s construction industry.

My approach marries seemingly opposing ideologies. Logical, yet creative. Detailed, yet high level. To me, a home is more than just four walls. That style of thinking leads to a very functional view of living. Good design optimises space, so your built form turns from a house to a home, and in doing so creates moments for living. As humans, we crave interesting. We’re instinctively drawn to the things that feed our soul. That’s what extraordinary design is about - creating a natural energy that feeds the soul and enhancing our daily existence. I believe by embracing the sun, wind, water and earth, we can create homes that stimulate the soul and restore life’s natural flow.

To get there, you need to imagine future realities. Satisfying the now is never enough. Life changes quickly, and you need to be prepared for how things can evolve down the track. That’s why before we even pick up a pen, we take the time to plan a 20-year vision for your home and life. It involves asking lots of questions and honing in on unspoken expectation to understand the greater purpose of your house so that it continues to serve you (not the other way around).

To me, it’s about building more than a home – it’s about building belief. I have a rare ability to visualise an outcome in my head, almost as if I can see a new home design and fly around it. When you see what I see, your future crystallises, turning something intangible into a reality you can truly imagine. The emotional security this translates to cannot be overestimated. I want the experience we have together to feel like we’re in the flow, fully immersed in the process where that energised state drives enjoyment and creates confidence and trust, leaving you feeling calmer, surer, and part of the journey ahead.

At the end of the day, it’s comforting to know I have your best intentions at heart. It’s why clients are so open to engaging in hard conversations where we call it how it is. That’s how we unearth real insights that come together to reveal future realities that are truly special. As good listener and communicator, I promise to take everything on board and make these conversations the cornerstones of your future life.

It’s going to be an eye-opening journey. I look forward to sharing it with you.

“Our clients are successful people, and they know exactly what they want. They have great taste and they don’t cut corners. So it’s our aim to use our knowledge and expertise to over-deliver on their vision. I understand what it means to entrust your aspirations of building a new home to someone, which is why at CamBuild, we take great care to make sure every facet of your home design and construction is completed with care and attention to detail. We have the resources, skill and know-how to carry out large-scale jobs, but still put clients first, and offer personal, one-on-one service throughout each project. We look forward to helping you build the custom home of your dreams with your family and lifestyle requirements squarely in mind.”


Cam Wilkie, Managing Director / THE IDEAS MAN