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The Process

At Cambuild, we’re more than just a luxury home builder. As custom built home specialists, we work with you, one-on-one, to ensure you get the home of your dreams with your family and lifestyle requirements squarely in mind.

With our in-house luxury home designers and architects, and our Managing Director, Cam Wilkie, overseeing every project, we apply a designer’s flair and attention to detail to every home. In fact, we apply the same rigorous approach to every stage of the home building process.

Our established methodology and experienced team will make designing and building your home a stress-free and enjoyable experience from day one at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional architectural service, allowing you to make decisions on your investment with clarity.

For instance, after the initial conceptual design is completed, you will know exactly what it will cost to build prior to proceeding further. By contrast, a traditional architectural service firstly has to produce a contract set of drawings then tender these documents out to separate builders before a cost can be determined.

This prolonged process is not only expensive and time consuming but often results in further delays as re-designs, re-documentation and re-tendering are required to achieve the desired budget, all at additional cost and time to you the client.

A boutique approach to custom built homes

The possibilities of building your dream home are endless at Cambuild. Whether you are looking at a coastal retreat, clever narrow lot urban residence or a two-storey custom-designed home, we assure you a quality-built home which will stand the test of time.


1 Discovery meeting and concept drawings

Your new home begins by sitting at the table with our in-house designer. From your initial design brief to completion, you will experience unsurpassed personal service. This close collaboration on design, documentation and construction means tighter budget controls, improved communication and less time and money spent on over-documenting, tendering and allowing contingencies.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way, taking you from discovery meeting to concept drawings. Once you are 100% satisfied, we will collate an estimate of costs for you and make sure everything is on track.

2 Planning approval

We’ll leave no stone unturned as we focus our attention on planning approval, working with local government town planners on your behalf and providing detailed plans that will expedite your application. This is where our approach comes into its own. In addition to keeping you informed as the application progresses, we’ll also stand up for your rights and ensure the authorities deal with your application promptly and efficiently.


3 Working drawings

Next, we turn the concept drawings of your new custom built home into working drawings, with a detailed specification of finishes, enabling us to calculate a fixed price Construction Quotation. It’s worth bearing in mind that once firm quotes have been obtained and the contract has been signed, you can rest easy in the knowledge that there won’t be any hidden costs further down the line.

Our consultants can advise you on every element of your new home: interior decorating, lighting, air conditioning, furniture layouts, spas, pools, landscaping… anything you need assistance with. We have open and transparent working relationships with a host of external consultants who we can liaise with on your behalf or simply introduce you to, so you can deal with them directly.

Your home is typically your greatest single investment, so we understand your need to be able to visualise and comprehend all aspects of your design and the costs involved. The final concept not only includes plans and elevations but we also provide you with a 3D model. One or more rendered images are typically produced from this model, allowing you to view a realistic artist’s impression of your finished design.

Each design is accompanied by a thorough quotation of the expected overall costs. This comprehensive presentation enables you to fully understand and assess your proposed new residence.

4 Building licence and contract signing

With the working and structural drawings finalised, we’ll send all of the relevant documentation to the local authority so that we can obtain a building licence. Once issued, we can proceed immediately with the construction of your new custom built home.


5 Construction

As construction commences, you’ll meet more members of our team, all committed to making the journey from drawings to dream home a rewarding and enjoyable one.

6 Handover

Finally the big day arrives: Handover – the day you move in to your dream home. But that isn’t the end of the journey or our commitment to you. You can rest assured that we will always be there for you, not only honouring our six-year warranty but also providing ongoing advice and support as your new life in your new home unfolds.

Explore our site to find out more about us and our approach to custom built homes, or simply contact our team in Perth to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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